Thursday, March 27, 2008

Checker Auto Rocks

So lots has gone on with the Unimog. We got it professionally wrapped for our Real Estate company and it looks awesome. I will be posting some pictures to show you how it turned out. We were having problems with the batteries and the Unimog runs on 24 volt power so that means (2) 12 volt batteries for the Unimog and (2) 12 volt batteries for the camper. All four batteries needed to be replaced and were purchased at Checker Auto. So we took them in and guess what? They replaced all four batteries. It runs like a champ now and the battery issue has been put to rest. Thank you Checker Auto!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dead Batteries

So we've been dealing with this since we bought the Unimog. This has not been easy because it has two batteries for the camper portion of the Unimog and then two batteries for the truck. The system is all 24 volt which nobody seems to work somewhere we are draining the batteries. After doing some investigation we also found out that the camper batteries are not deep cycle which means they are not meant to be run down and charged back up multiple times = Useless batteries at this point.

The solution is a battery cut off switch. I will be installing two of these on the outside of the battery box as a fail safe way to cut the battery power while not in use.

In addition to the battery cut off switches new deep cycle batteries for the camper portion. I will post pictures after the installation.

Shrink Wrap

So it's been awhile and I've decided its time to start posting again. The Unimog is in the shop getting shrinkwrapped. We are wrapping it with logo and graphics for our Real Estate company. I will post a shot of the finished product when its done.