Sunday, September 28, 2008

Be Prepared

So I wanted to check a couple of things out on the Unimog today.  I put the top up to clean out the inside.  I don't think Ann has ever seen the top up.  A couple of nights ago we went to a class on being prepared in case of emergency.  It was really cool to learn about what to do in a time of emergency.
We live in Provo, Utah along the base of the wasatch mountains.  One of the most glaring emergencies we might have to face in our lifetime is an earthquake.  We live at the base of the wasatch mountains and there is a fault line that runs the length of the wasatch front.
If we were ever in an earthquake the guy teaching the class said the biggest killer would be weather......especially in the middle of the winter here.  If you know anything about Utah then you know that we get a lot of snow in the winter.  It can get really cold here and if we were out of our house warmth would be a big deal.
The Unimog took on a whole new light after having attended this class.  We could survive two weeks without needing anything.  It's got 100 extra gallons of Diesel Fuel that can run the heater in the cabin.  It also has 100 gallons of water.  I think about being without a home for a month in the case of an earthquake and I think we would be doing ok.  In fact we might even like it.
My wife Ann has a new appreciation for the Unimog which takes on a whole new light in case of an emergency.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I wanted to bid on this Unimog U500

Ok so this U500 Unimog was on eBay the other day and it was all I could do not to bid on it.
Here is the validation I used:
1. The starting bid was $60,0000 (Are you kidding these start around $100,000 bone stock)
2. The guy had converted it to run on Vegie Oil or Diesel.  About $6,000 conversion.
3. Do I really need an excuse it does everything you could ever it will tow 45,000 lbs.  I don't have anything to tow or can even think of anything to tow that weighs that much.

But,  I withstood the temptation and watched some lucky individual pick this beauty up.  Well good for him I hope he has a blast in it and puts it to good use.

If ever the opportunity arises and I'm in a position to purchase one of these (permission from my wife bearing) I would love to own one of these.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Offroading by Slate Canyon

So Trent and I took the Unimog up by Slate Canyon the other day just to mess around there at the base.  The photos really don't do it justice.  I don't know if it's because you sit so high in the Unimog or if little obstacles just feel scary.  The Unimog is a monster offroad and will go more places than you dare go.

We are still having issues with the batteries for some reason.  We've installed new batteries and cut off switches for both the rear cab and the Unimog itself to no avail.  Can't seem to figure it out.  24 Volt power but it's configured so that as you drive it flips a solenoid to charge the rear cabin batteries and it doesn't help that everything is in German.

I'll keep you posted!