Thursday, September 25, 2008

I wanted to bid on this Unimog U500

Ok so this U500 Unimog was on eBay the other day and it was all I could do not to bid on it.
Here is the validation I used:
1. The starting bid was $60,0000 (Are you kidding these start around $100,000 bone stock)
2. The guy had converted it to run on Vegie Oil or Diesel.  About $6,000 conversion.
3. Do I really need an excuse it does everything you could ever it will tow 45,000 lbs.  I don't have anything to tow or can even think of anything to tow that weighs that much.

But,  I withstood the temptation and watched some lucky individual pick this beauty up.  Well good for him I hope he has a blast in it and puts it to good use.

If ever the opportunity arises and I'm in a position to purchase one of these (permission from my wife bearing) I would love to own one of these.



Anonymous said...

That would be me... the lucky bidder that is. :)

It's sitting in front of my house right now, after driving it home from Portland.

My justification was the same as yours... I just clicked "Bid Now" with my eye's closed.

Found your blog will googling "U500" for some parts info.

Small world.

Adam Harward said...

Sweet......Keep me posted on what you end up doing with your mog. I loved that thing but I'm glad that it ended up in good hands.

Anonymous said...

There is a 1973 406 with under 1600 miles at auction on Wednesday in Eugene, Oregon. It sold for 6600 at GSA auction a few weeks back. I will be at sale. Email at

It was a forest service rig, I drove it, but could not get it out of 1st gear. Just FYI

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anybody would be interested:
Mercedes Benz Unimog 404.1 Hard Top