Monday, December 10, 2007

Its the Injector Pump

So we took the Unimog into the shop to have it looked over. It has gotten worse with time it just wasn't getting fuel. We looked for air leaks (a major problem for your diesel) to no avail. We cleaned the fuel filters about a dozen times. The Unimog had sat for awhile with no use. We were getting black flakes in the filters and a lot of gunk. We had narrowed it down to the injector pump or an air leak we couldn't find.

After some investigating turns out our pump was in bad shape. All the plungers needed replacing and the pump rebuilt. The guy who bench tested the pump was surprised we could even get it running. We are now waiting for the pump to come back from being rebuilt before it will be on the road again.

You can see the pump on the side of the motor (that isn't our motor)

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