Friday, January 4, 2008

Moab 2007

I haven't downloaded my digital camera in a long time and came across all these pictures. I thought I would post on our trip to Moab, UT in March last year. It was a lot of fun! We have been going to Moab since I was in Highschool and it's been hit and miss on this trip for the past couple of years. Some of the group camped while others got a motel. I hav had my Landrover Defender for about 7 years now. I haven't been to Moab with the Unimog yet but will be going this year for sure.

Here is the first little drop off if we took. It feels worse than it looks and it was the first trail we went on. This is on Fins N Things.

Here is Trent (my brother in law) driving his new FJ Cruiser down a steep incline. The FJ did great with one exception, clearance. As you can see from this photo he's pushing a little sand.

On this obstacle Ann said "Ok if I'm ever going to overcome this I've got to stay in....she did (stay in that is)
You can see how steep this is. That's Trent sticking out his hand in case we tip backwards, as if that would do anything. This was a blast!
The look on Ann's face says it all
I love this picture of Ann looking back.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are sweet. We need to start the planing process. I want a full weekend of fun in the Spring. Golden Spike or bust. I want to test out the "Mogs" rock legs.
Silver J

Adam Harward said...

Lets start planning it. We have to start trading pictures when we go on these adventures because I have some good ones of you guys. Do you know I have never done Golden Spike all the way through. I want to go so bad. Looking through all these old photos got me thinking. Check back because I will be posting pictures of years past.