Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip to the Cabin in Utah Mountains

What a fun trip up into the Utah mountains.  Of course my camera was just about out of batteries so these are the only pictures I was able to get.  It rained and even snowed overnight.  Driving up the steep passes in Provo Canyon took us awhile in the Unimog but once we went from pavement to dirt it was a blast.
We got into a few mud holes but they were like puddles.......nothing too exciting.  My idea of a good time was to get into something where I have to winch out.  No luck this time and I think that was ok with my wife and sister in law who were passengers on the excursion.
Here you can see the storm moving in with the leaves changing.  It won't be too much longer until this meadow is covered in snow.  The elevation at this point is about 8500 ft.


Silver J said...

I like to see the beast getting a workout. I see mud on those tires. Me Likey.

The J

Anonymous said...

Can you post some photos of the inside of the camper? I am very interested in seeing the camper's layout!


toro@davfam said...

Just came across your blog and your 'Mog is amazing! It'd be great if you'd do a post on all the amazing things your 'Mog has going on; close-ups of the racks & cages, inside the cab & camper, pics of the underside, etc. Long live the 'Mog!