Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The History of my Unimog

Ok some of this comes second hand so I can't guarantee the authenticity of everything but I will share with you the history as I know it. My Unimog is a 1982 406. Originally owned by a German business man who had something to do with Strema Form Concrete products. In 1997 he had it built into an expedition vehicle by Hellgeth This aftermarket company makes some killer mogs. My Unimog was made for expeditions in Africa. It was meant to be self sustained for two weeks at a time. Here is a short list of features:
- Full brush bar on front
- Extra oil reservoir in front bumper....all hydraulics use regular 30 w oil. So if you break down you've got an emergency supply.
- 8 Forward lights, two front side lights and 4 back lights
- Winches front and rear (hydraulic) and winches on the top of both side of the cab (electric)
- Aluminum storage box above cab
- Over sized aggressive tires
- Air lockers all the way around (Every Unimog has these)
- Hi lift jack mounted on the front rack
- Wishbone for towing mounted on the front rack
- Sand/Mudd ladders mounted on the front rack
- Exterior shower from side compartment (heated)
- Water pump to fill up water tanks (if you are near a river or something)
- 100 extra gallon diesel tank with pump
- Custom camper on the back all out of alluminum
- Top of camper has a diamond plate roof and a 6 inch rack around the top for extra storage. This is covered by a canvas cover that is water proof.
- Inside the camper it sleeps two with a ton of storage both under the beds as well as drawers.
- Fridge inside the camper as well as furnace
- Air compressor
- We are still trying to figure out everything on this mog because everything is in German and the lady we bought the mog from didn't know much about it.
- It has a 220 plug in for use if you are in a camp ground that actually runs all the electrical in the camper as well as charges the batteries
- The camper is charged while driving.
- The top of the camper is lifted hydraulically for more head room. At full heighth you can stand up in the camper.
- The mog has GPS, air ride seats, CB, radio
- The two spare tires on the back can be lowered hydraulically as well. I can't even imagine trying to get these things off without. They would crush you.
- It has air assisted brakes as well as the system for air assisted trailer brakes
- The mog also has a jake brake on it

As I learn more about it I will post updates but that gives you a fairly complete list. I've only had it for a couple months so I'm still tring to figure everything out.
So back to the history of this Unimog. From what I understand the original owner took it on a couple expeditions and loved it but wanted a longer mog. So he sold this one and built an identical mog but the bigger 2450L platform. Here are a few pictures of this guys new mog. It's pretty sweet.

My Unimog was brokered through Sean at Eurotruck-Importers and you can see pictures of her in their gallery. It was bought by a gentleman in AZ which is how we ended up with it. So there you have it the long version of the history of my Mog. So in answer to David's question. Yes, you have probably seen this mog before on another website.

The mog is currently in the shop. We have been having some problems with the injection pump. Once I get it out we will post some new photos. I've been so anxious to take it out on an adventure. I did take out on a couple adventures before taking it in to the shop. All I can say is it will go just about anywhere. You wouldn't believe that something this big can offroad as well as it does. I have a Landrover Defender 90 as well and have air lockers front and rear it's lifted and has all sorts of goodies and it won't hold a candle to the mog.

Unimogs for sale on UnimogShop.com


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a really nice rig!

Small world, I've dropped by Sean's shop a few times in Oakwood (I live 30 minutes away).

If you have not already, you should drop by ExpeditionPortal.com and take a look around.

Paul said...

That is one mother beautiful Mog. Congratulations on owning something that should be mine. :P I guess I'll limp along with my little '65 404!

Anonymous said...


Really cool Truck you have there! Any chance you might post a photo of the Camper Interior? I'd love to see what they designed.